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Phoenix, the unified Data Management Platform 

Discover Phoenix, Blueway’s data exchange and process automation platform, which simplifies data governance and accelerates your organization’s digital transformation.

The Data Platform for Modern CIOs

Today’s CIOs face a number of challenges when it comes to supporting their organization’s growth:

Siloed or fragmented data
Manual and redundant tasks
Rigid business processes
Management complexity
Limited resources
High development costs

The Phoenix platform enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of your data, from its integration into your system applications, through its quality assurance, to its exposure via APIs. Phoenix offers a unique, low-code, scalable solution for your data management needs.

5 Integrated Modules to Manage Your Data and Processes

Designed to simplify the day-to-day work of IT teams and business managers, Phoenix enables you to manage 2 essential and complementary dimensions of your digital transformation:

  • data (capture, synchronization, quality, storage, sharing, exposure)
  • processes (modeling, roles, execution methods, user interfaces, system adherence).
Data Platform Phoenix : DQM, MDM, BPM, ESB, Data Catalog
Data Platform Phoenix : DQM, MDM, BPM, ESB, Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Gain a deeper understanding of your data by mapping the structured and unstructured data in your information systems.

Discover the MyDataCatalogue module

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Process automation

Facilitate the work of your teams by modelling and automating complex data exchange processes, and by integrating the human element via ergonomic screens and portals.

Discover the Process Governance module

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Connect your applications (on premise and in the cloud) and synchronise your data simply and easily. Monitor and control your inter-application flows. Urbanise your IS and adopt SOA principles

Discover the Data Foundation module

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Data Quality

Improve the quality of your organisation’s data and enrich it by creating data repositories.

Discover the Data Governance module

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API Management

Secure and expose your APIs by managing their entire lifecycle

Discover the API Governance module

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Phoenix's Key Features

Object reusability

All objects created with Phoenix can be reused in all your projects. Thanks to the low-code philosophy of the interfaces, you can easily combine elements, thus streamlining development, sharing best practices and saving time.


All services are nested and/or callable, just like any other object. Furthermore, a service can be exposed in different ways (batch, webservice, manual, etc.) without altering its nature.

Wide-ranging integration

Our supports and connectors are built using reverse engineering of the data model concerned. This model then becomes generic and can be used in different contexts.

Templates and accelerators

Our solution is based on a library of functions for managing data operations. This library is generic and can be manually enriched as required. That way, an operation can be streamlined for the entire platform.

Supervision console

Designed to launch, control and monitor all your processes and services installed on your engines, the supervision console lets you retrieve all services, logs, errors and messages.


Connect Phoenix to most business software and formats on the market: S3, SAP BAPI, CMIS, EDI, M3, XML, Web Service, JDE, MongoDB, Python, FTP, Azure Blob Storage, ElasticSearch…

Results Achieved by Our Customers

Operational efficiency and cost reduction

Phoenix provides you with a toolbox to respond quickly to your business needs.

Risk management and regulatory compliance

Phoenix strengthens your information governance with harmonized, synchronized and trusted data.

Modern IT infrastructure to protect against cyber-attacks

With Phoenix, you keep your entire information system and applications under control.

Team commitment and customer satisfaction

With Phoenix, you can engage your teams early in the process, ensuring their continued satisfaction along with your customers'.

Deployment Options to Suit Your Situation

Blueway’s Phoenix platform offers deployment options to suit our customers’ needs. Each option is designed to provide a solution tailored to the specific requirements of your organization.

On-premise mode

Phoenix is installed directly on your servers, giving you total control over data and infrastructure.

Cloud deployment

The platform is hosted on remote servers, guaranteeing flexibility and scalability without maintenance constraints.

SaaS option

Allows full use of Phoenix via subscription, without the need for dedicated infrastructure, ensuring continuous updating and simplified access to functionality.

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