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Partner Program

Join the Blueway Partner Program

Are you a software vendor, reseller or consulting firm? Expand your portfolio of offerings and grow your business with the Blueway Partner Program.


A trusted ecosystem

Blueway relies on an ecosystem of partners to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.

By joining our partner program, you will benefit from our expertise as a software vendor of a robust and integrated ESB, BPM, MDM and API Management platform and from specific support to help you achieve your goals.

your revenue
with a new growth lever targeting medium-sized companies and enterprises
Gain expertise
and visibility
through our certification program
your offer
with an integrated platform
with ESB, MDM, BPM capabilities

Through the Blueway Partner Program, you will have access to:

Dedicated technical, sales and support teams

Sales support tools and specific communication media

Regular training courses to ensure you master our offer

Certifications to enhance your expertise with your customers

Co-marketing actions (campaigns, events) with regular follow up and results

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Partner certifications

Our Partner Certification Program is designed to certify and promote partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and strong customer commitment.

Foundamentals certifed

The Fundamentals certification validates your ability to implement projects on the Phoenix platform and includes “Data Foundation fundamentals” (ESB level 1), “Data Governance fundamentals” (MDM level 1) and “Process Governance fundamentals” (BPM and screens level 1).

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