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MODULE - Process Governance

Process Governance, Phoenix’s BPM (Business Process Management) Module

With Process Governance, design seamless, hybrid workflows that adhere to the BPMN2 standard. Phoenix’s BPM module enables you to create intuitive user interfaces for data entry, process control, and task automation.

How Does Process Governance Work?

Design, automate, and control your business processes to optimize operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and accelerate your growth.

Enhance your team’s efficiency

Process Governance automates repetitive manual tasks and streamlines your business processes. Your teams can focus on more strategic tasks, continuously improving processes by identifying bottlenecks and fostering collaboration.

  • Task automation: Free your teams from time-consuming, low-value tasks by automating data entry, approvals, notifications, and more.
  • Streamline bottlenecks: Identify and eliminate unnecessary steps and redundancies in your processes to reduce task processing time and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Collaboration and information sharing: Promote seamless collaboration among your teams by centralizing information and facilitating real-time data sharing.
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Strenghten governance and compliance

By centralizing and controlling your organization’s processes, Phoenix’s BPM module ensures their ongoing reliability and compliance, protecting your reputation and business operations.

  • Business controls and rules: Integrate automated controls and business rules into your processes to enhance their reliability and minimize the risks of errors and penalties.
  • Audit and tracking: Utilize integrated tools to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and build trust with stakeholders.
  • Risk management: Identify, analyze, and proactively manage risks associated with your business processes to prevent fraud, human errors, and non-compliance.

Accelerate innovation and agility

In a constantly changing world, your organization needs tools like a BPM solution to quickly adapt and offer innovative solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Speed up your go-to-market: Workflow automation shortens development cycles and reduces the time needed to launch new products or services.
  • Optimize existing processes: Represent your processes clearly and intuitively in a low-code graphical interface, making them easier to understand and optimize for better customer satisfaction.
  • Empower your teams: Your teams own their processes and are best positioned to contribute to their modeling and improvement.
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Process Governance Key Features

Accelerate the implementation of your business processes with the functional modeling capabilities of the Process Governance module. Automate the generation of seamless workflows and intuitive user interfaces within the Phoenix platform.

Process Modeling

Model and execute business processes according to the BPMN2 standard.

User Interfaces

Easily create user interfaces (UIs) based on your company’s style guide (CSS).


Process Supervision

Monitor and control processes, keeping users informed about the progress of event sequences.


Automatically generate documentation for your functional processes.



Automate repetitive tasks using RPA technologies.

Alert Management

Manage automatic alerts (email, SMS, etc.) and delegations based on user roles and responsibilities.

How Process Governance integrates with Phoenix

Process Governance, our BPM module, works seamlessly with the other modules of the Phoenix platform: Data Foundation (ESB), Data Governance (MDM), API Governance (APIM), and MyDataCatalogue (Data Catalog).

By integrating data and processes, the Phoenix platform offers a holistic view of data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to utilization in business processes.

Data Platform Phoenix : DQM, MDM, BPM, ESB, Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Gain a deeper understanding of your data by mapping the structured and unstructured data in your information systems.

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Process automation

Facilitate the work of your teams by modelling and automating complex data exchange processes, and by integrating the human element via ergonomic screens and portals.

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Connect your applications (on premise and in the cloud) and synchronise your data simply and easily. Monitor and control your inter-application flows. Urbanise your IS and adopt SOA principles

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Data Quality

Improve the quality of your organisation’s data and enrich it by creating data repositories.

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API Management

Secure and expose your APIs by managing their entire lifecycle

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Customer Results with Process Governance

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