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MODULE - API Governance

API Governance, Phoenix’s API Management (APIM) module

With API Governance, manage the lifecycle of your APIs, control their consumption and access, and securely expose your data within your ecosystem (clients, suppliers, partners, subsidiaries).

How Does API Governance Work?

Standardize, secure, and expose your APIs effortlessly to create new applications and easily share data with your internal and external partners.

Easily Expose Your Data

API Governance provides secure and controlled access to your data, enabling partners, clients, and third-party developers to create new business opportunities.

  • API publication: Quickly create and publish your APIs with intuitive development tools and comprehensive developer portals.
  • Data documentation: Clear and accessible documentation on your APIs and data makes them easy to understand and use.
  • Data access: Granular access policies define who can access your data and how it can be used.
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Control and Secure Access

Phoenix’s APIM module enforces strict security policies and continuously monitors API activity, protecting your data and APIs from threats and intrusions.

  • User authentication: Users access APIs and data based on their roles and permissions.
  • Data security: Protect your data in transit and at rest with robust encryption technologies and advanced security measures.
  • Monitoring and auditing: Keep API activity under control and automatically detect suspicious behaviors to prevent intrusions.

Expand Your Ecosystem

With API Governance features, collaboration with partners and developers is simplified, enabling the creation of innovative new products and services and expanding your market reach.

  • Centralized Space: The developer portal allows easy discovery, documentation, and use of your APIs.
  • Partnership: Attract new partners and develop joint solutions.
  • Innovation: Accelerate innovation by leveraging external contributions and developing new applications based on your APIs in a composite approach.
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API Governance Key Features

Govern your APIs to manage, control, and optimize their usage. API Governance ensures your APIs are secure, high-performing, and compliant with current regulations.

Developer Portal

Provide secure and centralized access to your APIs, including documentation and structure, for both internal and external developers.

API Gateway

Secure and control access to your APIs by enforcing security and authentication policies.

API Catalog

Document and organize your APIs to facilitate their discovery and usage.

Analytics & Reporting

Monitor API consumption, track their technical health, and identify opportunities for improvement.


Implement pricing models to generate revenue from your APIs.

API Governance

Establish rules and processes to ensure the quality, security, and compliance of your APIs.

How API Governance Integrates With Phoenix

API Governance seamlessly integrates with other Phohenix platform modules: Data Foundation (ESB), Process Governance (BPA), Data Governance (MDM), and MyDataCatalogue (Data Catalog).

Using API Governance within the Phohenix platform provides you with a comprehensive and scalable solution for a unified view of your data and its exposure through your APIs.

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Customer Results With API Governance

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