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MyDataCatalogue, Phoenix’s Data Catalog module

With MyDataCatalogue, identify, understand, and visualize your data within an efficient and collaborative data catalog.

How does MyDataCatalgue work?

MyDataCatalogue improves the discovery, access, and understanding of your data, facilitates collaboration between teams, and enables better decision-making with accurate and reliable information.

Optimize data discovery

MyDataCatalogue enables easy and quick data discovery within your information system through comprehensive metadata and data analysis.

  • Facilitated search: Quickly find the information you need with in-depth analysis of metadata and data, and an intuitive search interface.
  • Time savings: Reduce time spent searching for specific data and focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Data utilization: Effectively leverage the information available, which is a goldmine for your organization.
Data discovery
Collaborez efficacement

Promote collaboration

Users can collectively enrich metadata or use Artificial Intelligence technologies, facilitating easier teamwork.

  • Collaborative enrichment: Users can add and share contextual information, enhancing collective understanding of data.
  • AI automation: AI technologies automatically extract entities and classify data.
  • Smooth communication: Improved collaboration between teams streamlines workflows and enhances efficiency.

Make better decisions

By facilitating access to accurate and reliable information, MyDataCatalogue helps you make informed strategic decisions based on your data.

  • Accurate information: Organized and contextualized data provides a solid foundation for informed decision-making.
  • Regulatory compliance: Data classification based on public dictionaries (GDPR, cybersecurity) ensures your data is managed in accordance with regulations.
  • Competitive advantage: Access to reliable information enhances your responsiveness to market opportunities, thereby increasing your organization’s overall performance.
Prenez de meilleures décisions

MyDataCatalogue Key Features

Using audit probes, MyDataCatalogue automatically extracts knowledge from your structured or unstructured data sources, including databases, Data Lakes, business APIs, Data Visualization software, Data Lineage, Data Catalogs, CSV files, messaging systems, and much more!

Scan and extraction

Scan your data sources and automatically extract knowledge using intelligent audit probes.

Metadata analysis

Leverage the solution’s intelligent algorithms to normalize attributes and make them understandable for everyone.

Enrichment & AI

Enhance metadata manually or automatically using Machine Learning to extract entities or classify subjects (GDPR, Cybersecurity, Reference).

360° view

Gain a comprehensive view of your data assets through filters and a central visualization console.

Intuitive search interface

Find data by searching with keywords, tags, classifications, and more through a simple and intuitive user interface.

Continuous improvement

Your data catalog is continuously updated with new data, refreshing existing descriptions and metadata.

How MyDataCatalogue integrates with Phoenix

MyDataCatalogue, our Data Catalog module, is part of the Phoenix platform, which integrates capabilities for data integration, process automation, data repository creation, and API lifecycle management. It seamlessly works with other Phohenix platform modules: Data Foundation (ESB), Process Governance (BPA), API Governance (APIM), and Data Governance (MDM).

Using MyDataCatalogue, you gain all the features of a low-code data integration and process management platform.

Data Platform Phoenix : DQM, MDM, BPM, ESB, Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Gain a deeper understanding of your data by mapping the structured and unstructured data in your information systems.

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Process automation

Facilitate the work of your teams by modelling and automating complex data exchange processes, and by integrating the human element via ergonomic screens and portals.

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Connect your applications (on premise and in the cloud) and synchronise your data simply and easily. Monitor and control your inter-application flows. Urbanise your IS and adopt SOA principles

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Data Quality

Improve the quality of your organisation’s data and enrich it by creating data repositories.

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API Management

Secure and expose your APIs by managing their entire lifecycle

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