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Blueway Public Sector: a range of software and an organization 100% dedicated to local authorities and the State

Our mission: to simplify your digital issues and accelerate the deployment of services by placing your citizens and agents at the heart of your information system strategy.


French company, software and capital.


UGAP / RESAH referencing


Sovereign cloud (OVH Cloud, Lyon headquarters), HDS options


OnPremise or Cloud Subscription


Auditorium User Club. Gallery to share your projects


Service included. Ability to support you. Dedicated Public Sector team

A history and a path dedicated
to the Public Sector

10 years ago, Blueway, the French publisher of Phoenix, the data exchange and process automation platform, decided to focus on a very specific sector: the public sector.

We created the Blueway Public Sector brand, 100% dedicated to local authorities and the State. We have built up a dedicated software offering, a dedicated team, adapted pricing, convictions (sovereignty, data security, referenced by central purchasing bodies…), and a community to share, in order to respond precisely to your public policies in the service of citizens and users.

We believe in this specialization and philosophy, which positions Blueway Public Sector at the heart of your IS and business challenges, supporting you from start to finish, and evolving in line with the recommendations and expectations of the French government (HubEE, API Entreprise, API Particulier, Démarches simplifiées, interface with Chorus Coeur…) at the heart of your IS and business challenges.

Our range of products
dedicated to the challenges
of the Public Sector

Blueway Public Sector offers an integrated range of products 100% dedicated to local authorities and the State, to help you meet your digital transformation challenges.

Our products are aimed at all players in the Public Sector: regions, departments, cities, state operators, federations, consular chambers, EPICs, trade unions, SDIS, social landlords as well as higher education.

Your data flow


of processes


Your data governance


Catalog and map
your data


Exploiting your APIs


of GRU


of HR processes


Connection between SIS and NexSIS


A team dedicated to the public sector

Blueway Public Sector is also a philosophy and a team with a shared vision of the public sector! Each of us has both expertise in his or her IT field and a track record of working with local authorities.

Team Public Sector : fun
Team Public Sector
Team Blueway, software publisher

The same Public Sector, but different skills
and therefore different challenges

One region,
a department

A town hall or urban community

A government operator or agency

An SDIS (departmental fire and rescue service)

A social

A university or higher education institution

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