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Data Foundation, Phoenix’s Data & Application Integration Module

The ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) module of the Phoenix platform forms the backbone of your IT architecture. Integrate your systems, applications and data seamlessly and securely, eliminate data silos and benefit from a harmonized ecosystem to meet the most complex business needs.

How Does Data Foundation Work?

Integrates, orchestrate, secure, and optimize the management of your data and services, transforming them into a strategic asset for your organization.

Streamline Data and Application Integration

Data Foundation simplifies and optimizes the integration of your data and applications, ensuring seamless communication across all components of your IT infrastructure.

  • Universal integration: Easily connect disparate systems and effortlessly decommission outdated applications.
  • Reduction of data silos: Promote harmonious communication between different parts of your infrastructure.
  • Ease of use: Enjoy centralized management and an intuitive interface for quick and smooth integration.
Le designer de la pateforme Phoenix
L'interface low code du designer

Enhance Your IT Security

The ESB module of the Phoenix platform ensures the security of your information system, protecting sensitive data and enabling secure information exchanges.

  • Data protection: Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of exchanged information.
  • Advanced encryption protocols: Use cutting-edge technologies to secure your data exchanges.
  • Access management: Control and manage roles, access, and permissions to prevent intrusions and misuse.

Achieve Greater Agility and Scalability

Data Foundation equips you to stay agile and meet your organization’s growing needs while ensuring optimal performance.

  • Rapid adaptation: Quickly develop new services to respond effectively to market changes and evolving business requirements.
  • Elastic scalability: Adjust resources in real-time to handle demand spikes without disrupting operations.
  • Performance optimization: Leverage a robust, scalable architecture that supports your company’s growth.
process automation

Data Foundation Key Features

Data Foundation is the dedicated solution for transporting, manipulating, controlling, and exposing data within an SOA framework. Its low-code interface allows you to create complex management and transformation scenarios for information flows between senders and receivers with just a few clicks. Development is streamlined through high-level configuration and the use of graphical functions.

Service Orchestration

Coordinate and sequence multiple services to create complex business processes.

Data Transformation

Convert data between various formats and protocols to meet your needs.

Message Management

Manage the routing, filtering, and prioritization of messages in real-time, both synchronously and asynchronously.

Secure Data Exchanges

Ensure the secure transmission of your data with advanced encryption protocols.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor exchanges and generate detailed reports for complete visibility into your IT system.

Prebuilt Connectors

Quickly integrate your systems with a library of preconfigured connectors.

How Data Foundation Integrates With Phoenix 

Integrating the ESB module into the Phoenix platform centralizes the management of your data and processes, working seamlessly with the Data Catalog, MDM, BPM, and APIM modules to streamline your IT system. This native interoperability and process-driven approach enhance collaboration between IT and business teams. Modular and scalable, the Phoenix platform provides a robust and secure infrastructure, adapting to your needs for optimal performance at all times.
Data Platform Phoenix : DQM, MDM, BPM, ESB, Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Gain a deeper understanding of your data by mapping the structured and unstructured data in your information systems.

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Process automation

Facilitate the work of your teams by modelling and automating complex data exchange processes, and by integrating the human element via ergonomic screens and portals.

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Connect your applications (on premise and in the cloud) and synchronise your data simply and easily. Monitor and control your inter-application flows. Urbanise your IS and adopt SOA principles

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Data Quality

Improve the quality of your organisation’s data and enrich it by creating data repositories.

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API Management

Secure and expose your APIs by managing their entire lifecycle

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Customer Results With Data Foundation

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