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Our support and services for our Phoenix Data Platform

Our approach to projects favours human contact and cooperation to explore each customer’s requirements and constraints together, before proposing the systems and skills needed to meet them.

With more than 20% of our revenue reinvested in research and development, our priority is providing an ever more effective and innovative software platform to our customers.

Our IT support team helping and guiding our customers

The quality of our services is crucial, and we set great store in particular in our support department meeting the response times in the SLA.

The Support Department is located in Blueway’s head office in Lyon, and is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (French time).
Special support agreements that include on-call are also available on request for larger, round-the-clock, operations.

Our support platform offers an excellent level of service whether you are the customer of a certified integrator, or a direct Blueway customer. Individual users get individual access to the platform for a more bespoke support service.

Our maintenance agreements look after the software platform and guarantee its proper operation as well as the delivery of functional enhancements and fixes, minor and major patches.


Support and guidance for customers thanks to the Help Center

Pursuing continuous improvement and wishing to offer our users an experience matching their requirements as closely as possible, we built a Help Center within which all users can find a full set of helpful documentation about the Blueway platform.

Available in French and English as a fully online service, our customers will find explanatory articles, tutorials, FAQ and videos.

The Help Center means we can encourage our customers to give their feedback, and suggestions for improvements. We are always listening to our customers, because we firmly believe that day-to-day users of a solution are always a source of good ideas for future enhancements, and we regularly take them into consideration.

Meeting our customers’ specific requirements

Our Professional Services team is at the service of our customers and integrator partners. The team is made up of engineers and technicians with advanced technological skills and in-depth functional knowledge.

The Professional Services team secures project implementation by adapting to customer contexts through various types of support:

  • Training in the integration of Blueway solutions.
  • Recommendations and implementation of best practices from the outset, technical monitoring of the customer’s development teams throughout the project.
  • End-to-end development of a specific point or the entire project.
  • Ad hoc expertise, performance and maintainability audits.

Extension to standard support through third-party application maintenance

To top up the standard support and maintenance agreement, our Third-party application maintenance agreement covers the following additional services:

  • In-service support for configuration carried out by our staff, to maintain operational conditions;
  • Adaptations to data flow bandwidths to match changes to source and target applications;
  • Platform monitoring at regular intervals to trigger preventive maintenance (purge of log files, data archiving, etc.);
  • Reinstallation of servers and databases in the event of system crashes;
  • Restore from backups in the event of user errors (erasure of records, for example).
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