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Provide full traceability using Business Activity Monitoring

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Assurer la traçabilité grâce au business activity monitoring

The criticality of data flows, the number of parties involved and the timescale required to ensure that the data reported is of value are all decisive factors that must be continuously monitored. Whether you are in an IT operations team, functional business team or management team, receiving and managing information about how your business processes and data streams are running are absolutely critical factors in improving your performance. Such supervision will make it possible for you to guarantee achievement of the required levels of service.

The role of the BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) module

The platform’s BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) supervision console serves to give administrators and key business users the supervision tools necessary for smooth running of process orchestration and data integration traffic.

Through real-time notification of failures or queues forming in business processes, all those involved can anticipate and respond to any risk of not achieving KPI targets.

The advanced BAM supervision functions deliver proactive handling of the errors that can occur within any information system. Entirely configurable, the picture of your IS that this supervision platform can offer will mean you take decisions with the maximum possible information about the status of live data traffic.

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The advantages of the BAM module (Business Activity Monitoring)

Blueway’s BAM module (Business Activity Monitoring), included in our Data Foundation module, is entirely configurable to suit your needs.

360° supervision of your business processes

Monitor all processes in progress

BAM is used to monitor all processes in progress, to suspend or restart processing, or issue warnings by email or text message about errors detected or rejected records on the basis of thresholds set by administrators.

Analyse your business flows and processes

Throughput analyses on the processing of data streams or the running of business processes are also possible (processing times, data volumes, number of errors/rejections), to track trends and anticipate potential deviation or slippage

The BAM module interface can be customised to meet the specific needs of each profile using it. As across the whole Phoenix platform, supervision functions are accessed securely using a web browser, meaning you can take control remotely if necessary.

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Some of the supervision and analysis features of the BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) module

  • Process supervision : Checking the successful running of processes and task sequences. Real-time warnings (technical and functional errors). Reports via mashup screens
  • BAM and metrics : Monitor KPIs in real time with Business Activity Monitoring, warning notifications and escalation.
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