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Information System Urbanization : Human tasks should not be forgotten!

IS re-engineering projects – remember to include the tasks done by people!

One aspect of re-engineering challenges that is often largely overlooked. It is one of the leading causes of failure and underwhelming ROI in IS architecture projects.

The aspect in question is users’ ability to interact smoothly and routinely with the data contained in the re-engineered data flows.

What you’ll learn in this expert view:

  • Why must the pitfall of removing people from the equation after the mapping phase be avoided ?
  • How can business departments be included in implementing and resourcing the exercise ?
  • Examples of success and failure in re-engineering projects
  • How can users interact with data in a data stream ?

Read this expert view to see how to involve your people in your re-engineering in practice.

The author: 

Picture of Davy Hassenboehler

Davy Hassenboehler

Pre-Sales Manager - Blueway

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