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Orchestrate, operate and automate your processes, flows and exchanges with BPM

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Comment orchestrer son BPM ?

Describing your processes, automating and optimising them, as well as providing input interfaces for your business users and partners, are just some of the features and services offered by the Phoenix Blueway platform’s process creation and orchestration module. Its aim is to make your business more agile, organise and optimise workflows and data, and improve the services offered internally as well as to your customers and your ecosystem.

The business processes we encounter in projects with our customers’ teams fall into a wide variety of areas: Human Resources (recruitment processes, onboarding, holiday management, etc.), Customer Relations (complaints management, customer support, etc.), Logistics (stock management, returns, purchasing, orders, deliveries, etc.), as well as Finance (expense tracking, budget approval, etc.).

Orchestrate processes and data flows at the click of a mouse with our Business Process Management approach!

The user experience is one of our priorities, so you can easily :

  • Animate your workflow sequences with a simple drag and drop
  • Describe your target processes
  • Manage authorisations
  • Manage roles (subrogation, escalation, etc.)
  • Set up your management rules
  • Set up your dynamic routing rules

This process orchestration module (both technical and hybrid) guarantees compliance with business rules within processes (management of sequences, alerts and information routing rules), as well as planning and executing launches.

The technological foundation of the Data Foundation platform enables SOA strategies and non-service-oriented objects to be brought together within a single process.

white paper business process automation

Download our white paper on Business Process Management.

Business Process Management made easy

Advanced Business Process Management (BPM) functionalities enable complex workflows to be managed graphically according to predefined management rules or dynamic rules, making them easier to model and automate. Alerts can be set up for queue management, process tracking can be used to trace the flow of information, and search screens can be used to trace the flow of an event, the validation stages and the traceability of the people behind this management.

The integrated Scheduler takes care of scheduling tasks and restarts for the various components of your information system. A diary allows you to monitor scheduling, efficiency and smooth operation.

Tools to orchestrate and manage your processes simply

The business process management module on our Phoenix platform includes pre-configured processes

Improving the productivity and efficiency of administrative departments is often at the forefront of efforts to optimise the internal workings of companies. Blueway also makes it easier to optimise your operations around your existing applications.

What’s more, to speed up your BPM (Business Process Management) projects, Blueway’s Phoenix platform incorporates several pre-configured process models: these mini ‘administrative task applications’ can be rapidly customised based on your source applications. They are therefore real implementation accelerators!

For example:

Automatic Controls

This pre-configured process automatically collects the information needed to create orders from a portal, a data file exchanged with a partner, etc.

Automated Billing

This fairly standard model collects the various invoicing information from the ERP or other data sources (planning, timesheets, etc.) to automatically generate the invoice and access a summary screen for validation.

Human Resources process

The model incorporates a common structure for HR processes, so you can easily customise it to create different circuits such as: holiday requests and approval, applications, training, skills, authorisations, etc.

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