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Centralize data entry in simple, well-designed user interfaces using the Blueway collaboration platform

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Comment mieux travailler ensemble grâce au portail collaboratif ?

The Blueway platform incorporates many possibilities for coordinating collaborative processes and human workflows within your business.

Process modelling in the Process Governance module natively manages the notions of roles, hierarchical relationships, system permissions and the exchanging of messages between different people, to improve the user experience within those business processes where tasks performed by humans are central.

These configuration options are supplemented by the collaboration monitoring workspace made available to all users to give them a constant picture of the tasks they need to complete, the tasks they have initiated, and KPIs on process performance.

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Working better together using a collaboration platform

Optimising collaborative working within a business requires two fundamental aspects to be taken into account :

Providing access to a collaborative platform giving a shared picture of processes

The collaboration platform built into the broader Blueway system means you can spare yourself the technical complexities, including the idea of joining an information system.

All members of staff are given access to a single environment, and they can see how current processes and tasks are progressing, and see other employees.

Centralizing data on a collaborative platform

The Blueway collaboration portal consequently facilitates teamwork. All users can see what there is to do (on a to-do list) and can coordinate shared processes (reassign tasks to other people, manage special cases that the predefined rules cannot handle automatically, etc.).

Lastly, the collaboration platform interface is fully customisable by users. Functional users with sufficient permissions can now even customise the design of their screens and forms.

The Blueway collaboration platform runs using the “responsive” HTML 5 technology which means it is compatible with any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and is therefore entirely accessible by users on the move.

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Including roles and responsibilities

The second fundamental aspect concerns the inclusion of people-focused roles and responsibilities so as to manage system permissions, with the possibility these might be context-dependent, beyond the set roles-and-responsibilities structure.

Optimisation des processus métiers

Consequently, a user who has created a task might be denied the ability to ratify their own request even if, by default, they would usually be the “approver” in a workflow. Taking such factors into account is particularly useful in Quality assessment processes, where the creator of a task is automatically excluded from the pool of people able to decide on the quality of the data…

Publishing data on the Blueway collaboration platform or other sites

The ability to publish data offers the option to deliver content in the Blueway collaboration platform or on other websites and collaboration spaces already deployed within the business. Issues surrounding sharing information and real-time coordination of e-business or remote websites can be swiftly resolved, without bespoke development.

Used in vocational training, secondary education, school transport, paperless billing and mailing systems among others, Blueway is the core of our information system.


The simplicity of the Blueway platform makes it possible for you to quickly distribute new screens, KPIs, graphics, summary reports, agendas, forums, external pages, applications whether hosted or otherwise, widgets, and so on. Assembly of all such elements is mouse-controlled and entails no code whatsoever.

Lastly, native integration of security safeguards and role and profile management means collaboration platforms can be created that are open to outside partners, and aggregation for different in-house teams is also possible.

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