Six observations that should make you think about implementing an API Management solution

APIM infographic

From the theory…

API Management strengthens value chains with your partners, customers and suppliers…

… to the practice

Observation 1

« More and more of our customers and partners are asking to access our services and data. It is slowing down our expansion »

A standardised API roll-out boosts the scalability of your business model and improves your operational efficiency


Observation 2

« What with the IoT and various IS services, we are getting lost in a jungle of APIs and point-to-point interfaces »

Separating the orchestration of internal services from external exposure using a gateway architecture simplifies your API governance.


Observation 3

« We are facing some security risks and can never be certain we are not exposing some strategic part of the information system. »

Having a single point of entry means you can control all system access, permissions and use, all the time, and keep them all secure.


Observation 4

« Our data has value, but we don’t know how to leverage that value »

Monitoring and monetising the consumption of your data opens the way to new business models while ensuring non-repudiation of data that is exchanged.


Observation 5

« We already have some internal web services, but we don’t really talk about them. »

Implementing an API portal to showcase appropriate services is one obvious driver to expand usage.


Observation 6

« We need to differentiate ourselves to our customers and partners. »

API Management is an opportunity to provide additional services, greater visibility and increased transparency.