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The distinction between ESB and ETL has become irrelevant in the context of modern business requirements.

The historical difference between ESB and ETL is primarily based on the architectural dimension, and the landscape has changed over recent years. Can anyone really say these days that they are buying an ETL system solely for BI ?

In this interview, Edouard Cante, General Product Manager at Blueway, shares his view of the difference between ETL and ESB, and what he believes the consequences are for businesses. Is this the right discussion to have, in view of business requirements ?

Find out in this interview:

  • Why does he believe that the distinction between ESB and ETL no longer holds true ?
  • Has the market developed since the appearance of the ETL and ESB concepts ?
  • If the question is not ETL versus ESB, what questions should be asked to re-engineer systems successfully ?

Contributed by :

Picture of Edouard Cante

Edouard Cante

EVP Product - Blueway

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