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Logiciel EDI : échange de données informatisé

From EDI to APIM: a brief history of how interchanges with the ecosystem have transformed

A reminder of the origins and operation of EDI (electronic data interchange) What is EDI (electronic data interchange)? EDI emerged in the 1960s from the long-standing and widespread observation that processes based on paper documents…
Intégrité des données ou data integrity

What are the points to watch and best practices
to follow to ensure data integrity?

Introduction: the basics of data integrity Data integrity means the certainty that data is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date throughout its lifecycle. A data integrity policy takes into consideration the data lifecycle and any unintentional…

Tag Archive for: Pharmaceuticals

Laboratoire Galderma

Middleware layer on the Infor M3 ERP and data traffic between applications