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The data steward, a lynchpin in data governance

The data steward, a lynchpin in data governance The amount of data collected by businesses is constantly expanding, and the need to process it likewise. Data-related professions are therefore of unprecedented importance, all the more so given the backdrop of rapid digitalisation. Driven by the wish to make best use of their data, businesses are […]


The top 8 questions when rolling out an integration strategy (ESB/APIM) with your ecosystem 

The concept of the extended enterprise is based on the importance of cooperation between all parties involved in a value chain (e.g. co-design of products, assembly of complex systems, supply chain, suppliers/distributors, etc.). Other concepts also lie behind this term that first emerged in the 1990s, including the supplier ecosystem, co-creation, networked systems, etc. However, […]

The benefits of process optimisation
for administrative staff

The administration departments in an organisation work on large numbers of management processes in conjunction with all the other departments in the business. It is in these other departments that the potential gains from process optimisation are often the most significant. What does optimisation of administrative processes mean? When discussing automation of low added-value tasks, […]

BPM concepts: Process mining (PM)

The business view of a process encompasses data together with various stages and processing, etc. Sometimes a difference only shows once a business process is translated into an application. However, it is a mistake to compartmentalise data and processes. The business view must prevail, and it cannot be constrained by technical or system limitations. It […]

How to upgrade legacy systems
using standardised data interchanges?

Introduction: the new challenges created by legacy information systems Information systems have undergone radical transformations in just a few decades. With the constant deployment of new digital solutions in businesses, many older systems are becoming obsolete, and legacy systems are becoming a fundamental issue. With the rapid pace of technological innovation over the last twenty […]

Five steps to manage master data effectively

As business goes global, organisations are driven to undergo major transformations, to reorganise and merge, all of which makes an already fragmented information system even more complicated. To impose some order and make the architecture upgradeable, IT departments have re-engineered the structure to include master data repositories following a SOA (data + processes) philosophy to […]

Running a data quality process

Data quality is a major issue for organisations. Poor quality data can be expensive; research by MIT Sloan indicates that neglecting data quality can reduce revenue by 15 to 25%. These losses can be quantified not only in terms of missed opportunities linked to poor decision-making, or reputational harm, but also legal penalties (e.g. for […]

How can Business Process Management
be used to optimise your processes?

While Business Process Management is primarily itself a process, it requires technological resources making it possible to both model business processes in detail and then to run them within the organisation. Up to about ten years ago, BPM projects were mainly the preserve of large businesses. But nowadays, technological maturity and the experience of previous […]

Which workflow software should you choose
to automate your processes?

A workflow is a graphical representation or model of a business process produced using workflow software. The sequencing of tasks, and the interactions between internal and external parties involved and the IS, can be entirely fixed; this situation is referred to as a procedural (or linear) workflow. When a workflow is more dynamic, meaning it […]